Ryan Howard’s 2007 strikeouts

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according to Buddha

If a man going down into a river, swollen and swiftly flowing, is carried away by the current — how can he help others across?

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark paddlers ~ 5

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark paddlers ~ 4

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark paddlers ~ 3

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark paddlers ~ 2

hedy bach photography ~ Sloppy Buddhist ~ fijix100 ~ Tpark paddlers

nobody’s gonna see me comin’
nobody’s gonna hear a sound
no matter how hard they tryin’
no stoppin’ me since i’ve found
my inner ninja


Edmonton,  Alberta ~ Paddlers

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It’s Not Your Mother’s Oldsmobile…Or Is It?

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Recently I wrote about my brother-in-law receiving a “sign” from his wife on the day she passed away, letting him know she was safe and that he could move on with his life.

I’m a big believer in things like this, even though I’m not what you’d call a religious person.  See my post “The Orthodox Agnostic” for the particulars.  Even so, I do believe we are connected to the spirit world.

I used to do Tarot card readings by email years ago and had close to one hundred of them under my belt before I took down my shingle, not because I wasn’t helping people but because too many folks had become dependent on me for advice.

The cards weren’t “powerful” or “magic.”  My view of them is they’re similar to a search engine.  You ask your questions and the answers pop into your head while you look at the…

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Blogging and “The Accident of Touching”

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The_Creation_Michelangelo“The accident of touching / is so rare! Sometimes / I pause my hand on purpose / and hope to find yours there.”

These are the last lines of a poem I wrote long ago.

But I realize now that’s what this blog is all about, a way of “pausing my hand on purpose,” and hoping to find you there.

It’s all about touching, isn’t it? Touching others with our lives, our insights and understanding, our memories and dreams, our poetry and art. Blogging meets this basic human need—to touch others and be touched in return.

Peter_Paul_Rubens_105_1We’ve all heard how physical touching is essential to human health and happiness. They say people can shrivel up and die for want of being touched or having someone to touch. A simple pat on the shoulder, a hug, a hand squeeze can make all the difference. Merely having a pet, they say, saves lives.

But there’s a basic…

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diaries & connections to the past

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I have been thinking a lot about diaries – especially the old, hand-written ones.  In our local news, there have been several recent articles about a Civil War diary that is being examined by local historians.  It chronicles the daily life and struggles of a young Union soldier as he passed through this area.  The story is fascinating, but for me it is even more remarkable to look at the images of those pages … his handwriting on the old paper, the scribbles in the margins, the entire personal image that is captured not only by his words transcribed, but by the physical pages themselves.

It made me contemplate my own journaling and diary-keeping.  The mark of my pen, the paper and the books I choose to write in, the ink, my penmanship.  While I know there are many distinct advantages to maintaining a digital record – and there are…

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